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Copyright and IP

If you are thinking of copying Florrie and Jack™ then don't. We will happily defend our copyright and other intellectual property rights in law. Furthermore, statements we make about our products are not valid when applied to a different product so copying our assets or statements will leave you unprotected and vulnerable to third-party claims.

All of the logos, graphics, text, website design and the arrangement and selection thereof, are the sole property of Florrie and Jack™. All rights are reserved. It is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute or republish any part of our website. Linking to our website for favourable publicity of Florrie and Jack™ is permitted.

All designs, patterns and images of our keepsake bears are the sole property of Florrie and Jack™ and subject to copyright and IP law. All rights are reserved. Copying, deconstruction, reverse engineering or otherwise deriving the design and/or pattern from our keepsakes or photographs is strictly prohibited without our permission.

For a good summary of copyright, design rights and other parts of the law protecting our assets take a look at the IPO website at: