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Thank you so much for our gorgeous Matthew bear. I have to confess that I cried when I first saw the pictures (which you kindly emailed before the bear had arrived). So many memories wrapped up in such a lovely way. It's Matthew, in the form of a bear! You and your husband provide a wonderful service. Everything from the actual bear to your regular updates and your way with words. It's been a real pleasure ordering from you.
Tracy Sacks
Having just picked up our beautiful bear made with love and care by Gina, it's the perfect time to say just how much I love him! He is more perfect than I could ever have imagined and the memories come flooding back of those special moments when our eldest son wore the sleepsuits and vests used to make our keepsake. The first roll over, the first commando crawl and the first 'oh my days how did he manage to get there!' moments are encapsulated forever in Edward bear. As others have said, it isn't just the end product that is a pleasure - dealing with both Robert and Gina has been so wonderful with a truly two way discussion about how to make your bear just the way you want. But with the eye for detail and skill that Gina has the end result is never in doubt! Thank you thank you - I'm already beyond excited about getting the same process underway in due course for son #2.
I am the very proud owner of the three brother bears that Gina has just made. They are so very special to me as the oldest bear is actually made from sleep suits that are 14 years old now and to see these sleep suits used to create such a wonderful bear actually brought a tear to my eye !
It brings back so many memories of my boys when they were so small and fragile - It really is such a lovely, clever thing that Gina and Robert have created.
The whole package with this lovely couple is amazing - They went through the whole design process with me and obviously spent a lot of time making sure every detail was going to be just right.
After the bears had been made Gina contacted me to see if I would like her to make 3 picture samplers of the remaining offcuts of fabric. Again, these were gorgeous - a very thoughtful finishing touch.
Thank you Gina and Robert, These bears will be treasured forever. x
I can't thank Gina enough for our wonderful Stanley bear. The memories attached to the sleep suits used are so powerful and Gina has made them into something even more powerful and special that will be treasured always. Gina has obviously spent so much time, care and love on making him and her eye for colours and detail is superb. I really couldn't have imagined Stanley bear turning out better than he has. The little touches, for example, the labels and his name on the box he came in have made the whole process very special. Thank you!!!!
Susan Haigh
I just wanted to write and let you know that Evan Bear arrived back home with us today. He is absoloutely gorgeous! I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I actually squealed with delight as I was unwrapping him!

He is even better in the flesh than he is in photos. What you've done with Evan's sleepsuits is incredible. You have such an eye for design and you've combined the colours brilliantly. I especially love all the extra details in the pockets!

You've been so lovely to work with right throughout this process and it's obvious to see what time and care you put into every bear you make. I can't recommend you highly enough. Thank you!
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