Florrie & Jack

The keepsake bear

Why Choose Us

Original beautiful design

You won't find our keepsake bear design anywhere else. It is exclusive to us, made to our own pattern which is not available to anyone else. Our bespoke design has been specifically tailored to match its intended purpose as an adult display keepsake, to be displayed on a shelf or in a keepsake box, not as a toy. It therefore has an engineered 'bottom' to sit firmly on a shelf, large tilted feet pads to show off special motifs and a good open view of the front to show off beautiful colours.

Gina Baker

Care over every step of the process

Our quality is as much about what you can't see as what you can. High-quality bears stem from our quality processes and a lot of consideration, hard work and good practice goes into making each bear. For example: we care for your sleepsuits from the moment they arrive; each personalisation is fully hand-embroidered to your specifications.

Happy customers

Our keepsake bears are extremely popular and we have many delighted customers (see what they say). Our orders mainly come from recommendation.  We'd love you to come and like our Facebook page too, where you can keep track of the latest updates.

Robert Baker

We make your bears

We don't outsource the creation of your precious bear to others. We work with you directly to create your bespoke bear and to ensure it is to the quality you expect.

Responsible business

As well as making our bears to a high standard we also strive to run Florrie and Jack™ as well as possible. Of course we are only human and undoubtedly there will be hiccups to sort out along the way, but we believe that our ethos of doing things the "right way" gives our business the best long-term future.

We love chatting with you and look forward to hearing from you soon :-)

Gina and Robert

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